Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico

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Note: This web site, devoted to the teaching of the Hispanic Essay, is constructed in its entirety in Spanish. The English summaries of these introductory pages are provided as a courtesy to the visitors of this site who do not understand the Spanish language.


Archive of Iberian and Latin American Philosophers and Essayists
Biographical and critical studies on Hispanic essayists and philosophers. By its own nature, it will always be an ongoing project. The authors already included reflect the interests of those who chose to collaborate in the project. This is an open invitation to scholars of Hispanic essay and philosophy to participate in this project, as it is outlined under general considerations.

Anthology of Hispanic Essay
Selection of essays originally written in Spanish. An ongoing project of representative essays from writers from all periods and from all Spanish speaking countries. We welcome everyone who would like to assist in this project.

Theory & Criticism
Critical studies on theory, the history of the Hispanic essay, and on the history of Iberian and Latin American philosophy (in Spanish).

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Anuario Bibliográfico de Historia del Pensamiento Ibero e Iberoamericano
"Annual Bibliography of Iberian and Latin American thought." Five years of bibliography (1986-1990). Entire text of the five years of this periodical: 12,642 items.

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Courses and Seminars
Graduate and undergraduate courses and seminars about the essay and Hispanic thought. Some sections are accessible only by special code; they are only available to the participants of those particular classes or seminars.
New, available to all participants: Introducción a la literatura.

Research Projects
Collaborative research projects. The projects in this section are accessible by a special code given only to those working in the particular project.

Internet Links to the Hispanic World
Types of links included: a) Links used to aid the completion of class assignments; b) other links specifically focused on the essay and Hispanic thought

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